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Secure your home, shop front, cafeteria or office with premium quality Roller Shutter from SafeGuard Industries – Perth’s Roller Shutter experts. SafeGuard Industries provide the best roller shutters Perth has to offer.

SafeGuard Industries manufactures and installs outdoor Shutters on homes and businesses throughout the Perth metropolitan area. Our Shutters are custom made in Western Australia and professionally installed by fully trained and police licensed installers to the highest industry standards.

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Why Choose SafeGuard Shutters?

We have over two decades of roller and security shutter experience, and manufacture and install residential and commercial roller shutter that offer:

Increased Security & Privacy

Noise Control

Weather Protection

Insulated Slats

UPS Battery back up option available (in case power outage)

Security & Privacy Solutions

SafeGuard Industries keeps Perth homes safe and secure with top quality Shutters made right here in WA. Our Shutters feature strong interlocking slats and deep side channels to resist forced entry by intruders.

Weather Protection Solutions

SafeGuard Industries Shutters can protect your home in all kinds of ways. They can be closed at any position to reduce glare and harmful UV rays from entering your home, and the perforated holes in the slats give you control over the amount of light you want to enter through the window. This is also handy for those with evaporative air conditioning, as you can control ventilation using the same function.

Insulation & Noise Reduction Solutions

Our Shutters are insulated and manufactured with high-density polyurethane. This reduces heat and cold transference by up to 90% and means you don’t need heavy drapes or double-glazing. These insulation properties also reduce noise levels, making them ideal for homes located on busy Perth roads or inner city apartments.

Roller Shutter Control Options

When choosing the right roller shutter or security shutter control options for your installation, it is best to discuss the available options with our pre-installation SafeGuard team. You can do this by contacting us using the details below.

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