Secura-Screen Stainless Steel Mesh Screen

Secura-Screen Stainless Steel Mesh Screen

SafeGuard Industries specialises in Stainless Steel Mesh Screens in Perth. These amazing screens allow you to open your home to cool breezes while you and your family remain safe inside. The low profile appearance and clear vision style ensure total security without compromising the appearance of your home. Our Secura-Screen Stainless Steel Mesh Screens are custom made right here in WA. They may look like ordinary fly screen mesh, but they are made from 1.0mm woven, 304 structural grade stainless steel, which is pressed into the window frame at great pressures to give the strength of a security screen without the grilles that feature on traditional screens.

Features include:

Heavy extruded aluminium framing

1.0mm, 304 structural grade stainless steel woven mesh (powder coated black)

Solid corners

Extensive colour range

10 year warranty (conditions apply)

Other Screen Options Include:

Fire Egress and Cyclone-Rates Screens and Grille Security Screens. Find out why more Perth homeowners choose SafeGuard Industries for their Stainless Steel Screens. To arrange a free measure and quote, email or phone (08) 9418 3880.

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